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Why RGU?

Our Mission

Architecture - Developing high performance, sustainable projects. Our buildings are energy efficient, environmentally responsible, and healthy places to live, work and learn in. We utilize materials appropriate to the climate and strive to cultivate a relationship between site, building, and community.

Communities - Recognizing the critical role of healthy, vibrant communities in every aspect of our lives, and taking responsibility for improving them through our business practices by continuing to encourage the active involvement of community in our projects.

Education - The fast pace and advancements of technology and innovation drives the necessity for skill-upgrades and continuing education.  Understanding and expanding on current technologies, realizing the impacts they have on us as individuals and as a whole, and where they will lead us tomorrow.

Team - Never forgetting that we are people, and our focus is to continuously guide and empower a talented, passionate team of professionals. 


What  We Value

  • Communication, Collaboration, & Connectivity  

  • Client & Data-Driven Design

  • Honesty, Integrity, & Hard Work

  • Sustainability & Adaptability

  • Wellness

  • Art

  • Delivering Value & Efficiency

  • Quality Craftsmanship

  • Long-Term Project Success

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