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10 Principals for Building Healthy Places

Developed by Urban Land Institute

1.    Put People First

2.    Recognize the Economic Value

3.    Empower Champions for Health

4.    Energize Shared Spaces

5.    Make Healthy Choices Easy

6.    Ensure Equitable Access

7.    Mix it Up

8.    Embrace Unique Character

9.    Promote Access to Healthy Food

10.  Make It Active

Increasing Health & Productivity Through Design

Natural Daylighting

Building occupants naturally migrate to space that is filled with natural day light and views. Put our knowledge and creativity to the test. 


The RGU Team would love to show you how to increase the health and productivity of your operations through innovative and creative daylighting design strategies.

Screenshot 2022-07-01 111750_edited.jpg

Active Design

The design of our built environment is a key component in the fight against disease. With most of us spending up to 90% of our time inside, it is important for buildings to provide opportunities for activity.  

Strategies include indoor - outdoor connectivity, welcoming corridors and staircases, and strategic wayfinding.


Low VOC & Touch Free

In applications where hygiene is paramount, sensing technology and low VOC materials are game changers.

Through careful selection of materials and equipment, facilities can provide higher indoor air quality, increased thermal comfort, and lower the transmission of bacteria

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