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The RGU Difference

RGU continues to raise the standards for Education Buildings throughout Washington and Idaho. With a team of highly skilled and passionate designers, it is our priority to create facilities that foster pride and success of students, faculty, and surrounding industry.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Design

 The materials and methods used to construct your project effect quality, quantity, and cost. Let us present you with options and allow you to make informed decisions based on aesthetics and function, as well as short-term and long-term value.


 We assist you in making informed choices. We believe in creating facilities that function and serve the entire community. RGU designed facilities are functional, beautiful, thermally comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Overseeing and Managing Projects

Managing capital projects involves extensive knowledge of the construction process and the administrative ability to coordinate and execute Submittals, Substitution Requests, FA's, COP's, and Change Orders. Having a partner you can trust is crucial to ensuring your facility is built according to the construction documents. We strive to maximize your budget and take our role in representing you seriously.

Customized Design

We are dedicated to listening to you and developing your vision. The success of our clients' projects is always our goal.  The options are endless - let us lead you down a road of discovery. Together we will create a facility that is uniquely you.

Assistance with Permitting and Zoning Requirements

Researching code requirements and meeting with jurisdiction officials early in the planning and design process is important. We work with you to coordinate meetings and have open discussions about the intent of the project and how ensure that the permitting and construction process occurs smoothly and efficiently.

Why Choose RGU?

Our Projects

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Center for Technical Education & Innovation

Wenatchee Valley College


Workforce Education Center

Big Bend Community College

What Our Customers Have to Say

"If not for the foresight of RGU early on in the project we would not have the adaptable physical space that they have helped us create. I highly recommend RGU for any capital planning or construction project you have planned."

Linda Schoonmaker

VP of Finance and Admin

Big Bend Community College

"We found that Mr. Robert Uhrich and his crew were responsive to the requests of the Board of Directors in meeting compressed timelines, developing design plans that were cost effective, and demonstrating a can-do attitude and work ethic that met the difficult challenges and changing dynamics of this project head on. We could not have done it without professionals like Robert Uhrich and his crew."

Lance Hansen

Superintendent of Independent School District

"Robert and his team have taken a great deal of time working with students, faculty, and staff on our future campus needs. His style is inclusive and open and has been appreciated by everyone in the process. We look forward to our continued relationship for future projects."

William Saraceno

VP of Administration

Columbia Basin College

"The enthusiasm, expertise, planning, attention to detail, and invigorating discussions and collaboration with faculty that RGU brought to the process lead to an amazing study. Over the years I have had the opportunity to be involved with several architectural firms discussing program and building needs.  I must say that RGU was far superior in every aspect of the process and set the bar very high."

Douglas Anderson

Division Chair

North Idaho College

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