• Capital Project Development

  • Building Methodology Decisions

  • Master Planning & Programming

  • Architectural Design

  • Space Management & Utilization Analysis

  • Lean Design

  • Site Selection

  • Facility Condition Analysis & Prioritized Needs Assessments

  • Specialty Lab Planning & Design

  • Educational Specifications

  • Sustainable Design & LEED Administration

  • Interior Design

  • Construction Administration & Management

  • 3D Rendering & Promotional Materials

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) 

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Design is powerful; it impacts everything.  Whether it is employee performance, business success, or student outcomes, good design makes a difference. 

We immerse into your culture and get to know you and how you do your work.  We focus on your operations and programs to deliver space that helps you reach your goals, better serve your customers, and further your mission.  RGU represents your interests - we work hard to get it right. 

  • It's your project - it needs to be built from your ideas and based on your vision. Each project is unique and deserves a unique solution. 

  • We believe all great projects start with a well thought out plan.

  • It's important to listen and use tools that help you visualize your project so you can make informed decisions.

  • We design with the future in mind. Flexibility, Long-term function, life-cycle costs, operations, and maintenance are important.

  • Planning and designing is fun and rewarding. Helping you achieve your vision is everything.

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Bringing Your Project to Life

We differentiate  through offering highly customized planning and design services. Our projects stand out and set new design standards. We go the extra mile to ensure that your project is everything you imagined. 


Our practice of using cutting edge technology to bring your vision to life, in the earliest project stages, allows you to make informed decisions. Together we create projects that improve operations, decrease maintenance, and allow you to better serve your customers.  


Hiring an Architect to help guide you through the planning, design, and construction administration of capital projects will allow you to make more informed choices, increase functional operations, and save you money.


The benefits of partnering with RGU are endless. We gather and present the needed information to ensure that you are well informed and making the best long-term decisions possible for your agency/organization. We believe in data-driven design and in employing lean design principles. We spend the time necessary to research your operations and future aspirations to provide you with sound and effective options, that will grow with you. Benefits of choosing RGU include: 

  • Cost-Effective and Efficient Design - The materials and methods used to construct your project effect quality, quantity, and cost. Let us present you with options and allow you to make informed decisions based on aesthetics and function, as well as short-term and long-term value.


  • Sustainability - We assist you in making informed choices. We believe in creating facilities that function and serve the entire community. RGU designed facilities are functional, beautiful, thermally comfortable, and environmentally friendly.   

  • Assistance with Permitting and Zoning Requirements - Researching code requirements and meeting with jurisdiction officials early in the planning and design process is important. We work with you to coordinate these meetings and have open and honest discussions about the intent of the project and what needs to be done to ensure that the permitting and construction process occurs smoothly and efficiently.


  • Customized Design - We are dedicated to listening to you and developing your vision. The options are endless - let us lead you down a road of discovery. Together we will create a facility that is uniquely you.

  • Overseeing and Managing the Project - Managing capital projects involves extensive knowledge of the construction process, as well as the administrative ability to coordinate and execute Submittals, Substitution Requests, FA's, COP's, and Change Orders. Having a partner you can trust is crucial to ensuring that your facility is built according to the construction documents.  Quality and value are as important to us as they are to you.  We strive to maximize your budget and take our role in representing you extremely seriously.


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